Security guards for retail businesses

Are you an owner of a retail business? We have a top security solution for you. 1EyeOnU technology team is a high experience to provide with private bodyguards and agents. Above all, we manage security guards in Paris, Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez. If you prefer to have professional agents at your boutique, restaurant, cafe, or other business, contact us to have a personal offer. Moreover, we launched Leon security mobile application in Paris and French Riviera. In other words, you can book a security agent online and have instant confirmation. You can book a security agent for a couple of hours for an event. Therefore, you will have extra security and loyalty from your guests. Download Leon application and never feel insecure again

Book a bodyguard in Paris and Nice for retail events

What are the main advantages of 1EyeOnU technology security project? Firstly, we changed the market rules and make security available for everyone. In other words, the price is affordable. Moreover, the minimum reservation starts from 3 hours only. Secondly, another advantage is the opportunity to book security guards online. Therefore, we can manage an extra security service for an event in a retail business. For instance, if you have an exhibition, special guests, or just prefer to outsource security management. Likewise, we have agents K9 with dogs for special security needs. For example, use the service for parking protection.

Moreover, our team provides alarm systems for retail businesses. We have a variety of fire sirens, invasion detectors, etc. Contact us, and our specialists will install the systems for your business protection. 1EyeOnU technology security company is the security market leader. We have different solutions for any retail business. We are available in Paris, Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, and all the French Riviera.