TEAM 1EYEONU Technology

1EyeOnU Technology is the first market place of this kind. We developed the perfect link between security companies and clients. Excellent and high experienced team to provide remarkable services to digitalise the security industry. The founders of the company are entrepreneurs oriented with a desire to open the security services such as being able for everyone to book a bodyguard for private reasons, a security agents for your small business or for an event and you require 100 guards. Above all, we built several successful businesses in the past in the chauffeur and security industry. Moreover, the owners and top managers are really experts in security, limousine service for over 20 years, finance and marketing. The idea of the startup appeared many years ago. We built an open minded startup to help make security companies more affordable. Our goal is to grow up and develop a new ecosystem of private safety for individuals and business which until today cant afford those services.

We have common values. Therefore, we invite in our team people who share the same values under our brand. We believe, that the security market can be changed to be available for everyone because security services should be available for everyone. Likewise, 1EyeOnU Technology launched Leon security mobile application. This application provides bodyguard and security agent service on demand. The setup is done and the opening will be in Paris and Nice in 2 clicks on September 2021. You can book a professional security guard online. It is easy as booking a taxi. Our team is working full time to improve each step to have an excellent bodyguard and security service available right away.

Opening in Paris and French Riviera Summer 2021 REGISTER NOW

1EyeOnU Technology team invite you to join our project. Professional bodyguards and security agents in Paris or Nice just click here and download the Leon securitymobile application for agents and register in couple of clicks. Of course, we select people with great experiences. For instance, we select ex-military, security transportation, or ex-police officers. Each of our agents or partners has special training programs. Therefore, everyone satisfies high 1EyeOnU Technology standards. Above all, we believe, that our team can create a new security market and services, available for everyone. Join our team if you had experienced as a bodyguard or security agent. Of course, you will make money with our innovative application and startup of the future. Our goal and mission are to have 24/7 available security agents everywhere. We start from Paris and Nice in France September 2021.

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Founder, CEO

  • Founded two previous companies
  • Sales up to €10 MM
  • Solid business experience in USA, France and Russia


IT specialist 1EYEONU

  • Developed and managed E Commerce and app
  • IT Diploma from Russian Federation


Marketing director

  • CPA gas company, Saint Petersburg Russia
  • CPA Toshiba, Intel, Saint Petersburg Russia
  • University Marketing & Design, Saint Petersburg Russia



  • Citigroup corporation, Saint Peterburg Russia, sales supervisor
    AlloDriver company
    Drivers coordinator, transfers booking and events assistant for worldwide high level clients
    Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics, banking



  • 20 years legion and bodyguard services French Riviera
  • OPEX specialist AFRICA


Security company partner

  • 15 years as owner security company full licensed certified facility training is strategic partnership for French market and security expert representing 1EYEONU


Law and regulation specialist

  • 20 years government office enforced rules & regulations
GLORY 78 FIGHT JULY 17, 2021



  • The Slovak Giant
  • Sponsoring events
  • Actual fight in GLORY



UX/UI designer created mock up and assist with design over 2 years to develop LEON l’application


Security company partner in USA

  • Miami security expert representative


Security company partner in Russia

  • Russia security expert representative


Cles d’or Concierge

  • 20 years head concierge golden keys 5 stars hotel worldwide