Security service for events

1EyeOnU Technology team has different security solutions for individual and business customers. Above all, our agents are available 24/7 in Paris, Nice, Cannes. Planning an event in the regions, take care of security for your guests and participants in advance. Firstly, contact our team to have the best solution. It’s no matter you take care of a stadium or big concert security, or just a grill party. Of course, we have only highly experienced assistance to develop the full structure process for your safety. We can manage so many agents as you need. Moreover, for a special security level, book an agent K9 with a dog. It makes extra protection. Event security service in Paris or French Riviera with 1EyeOnU Technology allows you to be sure, that your event will be protected by professionals.

Private bodyguard service for an event

Are you going to an event and prefer to feel safe? If you can’t be sure, that the organizers took care of the event security service, just book a private bodyguard. One of our agents will escort you during the event and have 1eye on you and your belongings. Check our prices online or contact our team. Security guard in Paris or Nice or Monaco is available not only for celebrities from now. Booking bodyguard-driver service, you can feel safe at any event. Moreover, the agent will drive you back to your home or wherever you need. You will no need to book a taxi or an extra private transfer. We created the Leon security application to make society safer.

In other words, if you are an event agency, or you just care about event organizing, contact us. Allow us to manage your event security service. Moreover, you can suggest to your guests a personal bodyguard like a privilege.