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Book a security agent, security driver or bodyguard in Paris, Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropetz for your protection

For everyone

We created the professional bodyguard service for everyone. If you are going to a luxury shopping, just book a premium bodyguard in Paris or Nice via our app. Weddings, business meetings, parties, could be safe with our security service. Book a bodyguard in Paris or French Riviera in several clicks online by affordable price.

For event

Do you prepare a business meeting, forum, celebrities party or other event? Allow us to take care about security issues. All our bodyguards in Paris and Nice are experienced to work with VIP guests, for the biggest events such as Fashion weeks, Cannes Film Festival. 1eyeonu is the best way to be protected everywhere.

For business

Using our app, you can book a security guard for your business. We provide with complex security solutions for companies and events. Contact our team or book online a professional bodyguard service in Paris, Nice. Protect your shop, hotel, office with our security agents. Your bodyguard has extensive knowledge how to calm down a nervous situation

Security agent

Are you an event organizer or simply celebrating a party in France? Coming to Paris, Cannes or Nice for business or vacation? Do you need a security to your shop or hotel? Allow our professional security agents to protect your event or business. Relax and enjoy your event have your own bouncer checking your guest list and show your guest that everything is under control. Contact our team or book via the application, and we will take care about your security in France. Book your security agent in France and have high level protection and full support for all your security needs.

Business Event Sport Stadium Market Shop Club security

Premium agent

Do you prefer to have a special security level for your luxury and premium class event? Planning an event in Paris or Nice, put attention on security issues. If you are looking forward for an experienced security agent in France, 1eyeonu project team is ready to provide you with the service. Certainly, all our bodyguards passed all exams, criminal backgrounds and face to face interview with our specialist recruiters. If you need a premium security agent in France contact us or book online to have an excellent service by affordable price.

Business Event Sport Stadium Market Shop Club security

New generation of motivated
professional and insured security agents

All bodyguards and security agents are selected based on past professional experience from army, police, legion.

The agent you select has been interviewed and checked by our team leaders face to face.

Our legal team checks background, licenses, insurance, professional diplomas of each security agent in Paris and French Riviera

We provide with training and specific diploma. We reward our agents for their professionalism.

Security driver

Are you planning to arrive at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Orly, Le Bourget or other Paris or Nice airport? Looking for a taxi cab or private transfer with a reliable driver? Are you going on a business trip or holiday to Paris? Book a security driver in Paris or French Riviera with our application to have a professional, licensed bodyguard as your driver. Hire a bodyguard with license and permits and insurance and a strong check criminal background instead. You could book in several clicks a security driver in Paris from Charles de Gaulle, Orly airports or any other locations. You will have a special close protection from a Paris Nice airport to your hotel or apartment. Book a bodyguard driver in 3 clicks and have security drier service

Business Event Sport Stadium Market Shop Club security


By different reason you may need to hire a private bodyguard with close protection. Either you spend a day or a night in a luxury place. For instance, if you relax on a private beach or nightclub. Of course, you don’t want to worry about someone going to steal your belongings while you pay your bills. With our innovative application you have an opportunity to book a bodyguard service in Paris. First, it is so simple and quick like book a taxi. Likewise, we guarantee, that all our Paris security agents are checked for background. Use our app for booking a bodyguard service in Nice, Cannes and all French Riviera. If you are going to an event, luxury beach party and prefer to have someone, who can protect you, just put the request to the app and choose a bodyguard.

Business Event Sport Stadium Market Shop Club security

K-9 with god

We provide with a security agent with a dog (K9 security service). Book a bodyguard with a dog for a villa, hotel, event or other business protection. All our agents has special licenses and permits.Use a K9 service for car parking protection, sport events and stadiums security. If you prefer to have a professional guard with a dog, just use our application and choose K9 agent.

Business Event Sport Stadium Market Shop Club security

Equipment you may need

Portable two-way radio

Metal detectors

Door frame metal detector

Check combo solutions for business and private clients

We provide with complex security decisions more efficient and cheaper. Our team analyzing the situation on the market and trying to make the best for you

24/7 physical security for small business

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