Security guard advantages

What is your first thought once you hear about a bodyguard? For instance, our team put attention many years ago, that security and bodyguard service is not available for everybody. It was something for rich people, politicians, celebrities. We are changing the market and make the life of society more safety. Moreover, 1EyeOnU Technology team created Leon mobile application to book a bodyguard or security agent online. Security guard advantages are the opportunity to choose the closest agent to your location and reservation the service at an affordable price. It’s easy like book a taxi.

Choose an agent inside Leon application and feel safe in any situation. For instance, if you are going to a nightclub, book an agent. He will have 1eyeonu and your belongings all the time. If you prefer, book a bodyguard-driver and have an especially safe private transfer in Paris or Nice.

Book a bodyguard in Paris or Nice like a taxi

One of the main security guard advantages with Leon application is the opportunity to book an agent in advance or choose from available guards at the moment. Moreover, we have an escort bodyguard option. It means you can have the security agent walking with you to a nightclub, a party, an important meeting, or negotiations. Whenever you need to have someone professional to secure you, just open the Leon app and book a bodyguard in Paris or Nice.

We have different solutions for all your security needs. If you manage a big event or just a home party, contact us to have highly experienced security agents around. Our team is available to develop your personal safety plan. Moreover, we can organize an agent with a dog (K9).

In addition, we provide with complex solutions for home security systems and for businesses security needs. We change the security market to make it available for everyone.