1Eyeonu provide bodyguards services to corporate, celebrity, Royal Family and private clients in French Riviera and Paris. All our bodyguards sucessfully passed all exams, criminal backgrounds and face to face interview with our specialist recruiters.

Either you require a 1 hour service or several days service we selected the best agent for your security and our reputation. Then choose in the app the profil that match your expectations.
The new concept of 1eyeonu is to deliver close protection to everyone in needs. As the limousine service was recently accesible for everyone with different Apps, 1eyeonu provide this service to everyone may need protection service for personal reasons or business reasons or simply to enjoy events or personal occasions without any stress.

Different reason you may need hire a private bodyguard
Either you spend a day or a night in luxury place like private beach or night club and you don’t want to worry about someone going to steal your belongings while you pay your bills or get distracted while you enjoy your holydays .

Either you arrive at Nice Airport or Paris airport and your taxi cab will not be able to prevent you to be totally ripped off and you want make sure no one is going to screw your holydays. You can relax peacefully be at home during your holydays and fall face to face with a team of burglars such as this famous model.How many cases of taxis or uber driver involved in proviing such information to their crimnal friends to come and rob you as soon as you left your home or hotel room alone ?

Most of the cases involved in expensive robbery, car and home jacking in French Riviera and Paris involved either the personal driver or the bodyguard which are not official experienced bodyguard .. You would never hire a friend of a friend because he does some fitness and has a “reputation” .. Hire a bodyguard with licence and permits and insurance and a strong check criminal background instead …

Personal drivers and concierge provide information to their friends which can come and rob you during the summer. Also booking trhou a app you enter in our de facto in our network which means you are part of our family.
No bla bla , no long explanation. You just need 1 eye on u and your family and we are here to secure provide what you expect fair price.

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All license and permits. And your insurance of course. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

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We believe that providing personal protection for everyone is a necessary. With the new technology and internet era we strongly believe that everyone deserve to be able to find peace and security.

Your kids organise a birthday party, whats cost you to have peaceful and serenity to know a professional adult is there to prevent drama and bad behavior from strangers or even friends which have drunk too much ?

Only a simple and efficient app can resolve this problem. Most of the security agency and bodyguard services are only focus on the elite and rich client but how many people everyday could afford this service even for onetime and remove the stress of feeling insecure for a special event?

As a parent will you not feel more secure to know that a bodyguard driver keep an eye on your kids and friends and safely brought back home everyone without the stress to be wake up in the middle of the night knowing that something may have happen

1Eyeonu wants to provide and democratise tihs service for everyone.
Either you need collect luxury goods from shops and you are scared something target you otside the shop , yes it happen everyda lets not play blind. Everyday on the South of france dozens of stories are in the news paper, how many robbery during airport transfr followed by guys with motorbike ? How many womens go lay down at the private beach and realise their 25.000 Euros Hermes bags disappear ? You ca prevent all of this by simply booking a bodyguard for 1or 2 or 3 hours . can happen during the transportation.

Our approach is different than all other security companies. Click and get a profesionnal bodyguard for short term or ling term all through the app and keep records. All our Bodyguards are former and current off-duty law enforcement officers and ex military trained and experienced in close protection.

Bodyguard Service Agents have superior client relationship skills and provide discreet, professional service. Much better than a friend of a friend which does some fitness right ?