START UP LEON The #1 on demand security app

1EyeOnU believe that personal security has not been addressed and be taken seriously by anyone since today. Thousands of security companies focusing on public contracts didn’t provide offer for the public and small businesses. This is what our mobile app provides now.

Travelling the world for the past years to promote our concept, we are disrupting the personal security industry and changing the way people understand personal and private security. On every corner on a daily basis you can witness insane situation were people endure tragedy where an app could easily prevent people to be in such traumatising situation.

1EyeOnU is the #1 app of this kind for private safety to prevent and take care of your security. We provide a Saas ” Security As a Service” for our different partners on the security industry. Our motto is to help you understand that private security is something to be taken in consideration upfront in prevention. Calling a bodyguard when you already in trouble is a huge mistake.

Will you close your belt after a car crash ? Will you sign for an insurance after your house is on fire ? First executive protection guards are professional and so, they have to refuse this kind of jobs because the only one you can and have to call when troubles are there is 911. No one executive protection guards will jump into a mess last minute. Professionals are here to prevent the mess to happen, they don’t jump on it.

That’s why we developed the #1 personal security guards for everyone at a finger snap. Since 2014, we spent large amount of money not to put on market an app to occupy this market but during this time we worked on securing your data, RGPD, and most important to provide you with the best bodyguards and security guards on the market. Your Safety and your privacy are in our hands, therefore we check every single details to provide you the app of the future. We also negociate with every partners to make this app affordable for the public and small business which are the ones suffering the most about insecurity and criminality

Why we created Leon

During the last decade police officers have been under a lot of pressure from politics, and bad publicity undermine their image. In France particularly, the public dont understand paradox situation where everydays on the news the criminal are freed while the police is used to harass honest people for speed tickets or crossing a stop sign and being pulled over for minor offense. Frustration arise on the public but also on the police force which create defiance between the one should be protected and served. Also the self defense, and rules and regulations unfortunately dont give power to police ( In France) to really protect you. The statement is clear avoid troubles at all cost and if you are in call and pray the police will arrive quick. However, we all face situation where you dont need to over flow police with request to end up some troubles , neighborrhodd, family situation harrssment , bully at schooll be escort at night to go out with friends Every single call to Police is removing a unit for ;ore dangerous situation and thats why people in urgency suffer when polie has to engage everywhere for everything. 1EyeOnU come up with a digitalise solution in a world that has not been adresse by all those security agencies. There we are the first one to open this market and already been copied but don’t make no mistake where some people see on opportunity today we see security for people first. Our mobile application is available to ‘keep one eye’ on you 24/7.

Coming back home late ? Babe is home alone with kids and dont feel safe while you are away for business ? Your elderly are afraid about some noise aoutside their home ? Going to metro and feel harassed by some jerks ? Dont let your kids be byully at school. There is a wide range of situations were you will need to be safe and 1EyeOnu adressed.

Leon startup mission

Leon is the new application on the market because we consider personal safety a right for everyone to feel and be safe no matter your financial situation. Rich and famous knows how to deal with private safety so everyone should have the same opportunity in 2020.

We hired and partnered the top notch security guards from Europe, North America and Russia in order to deeply background-checked the futur agents, we also provide training programs for future security agents to embrace our vision. This includes proper training and services  Our security agents are trained to provide service to the people. Consider our guards as your “ big brother” or ” Uncle Leon”, you can call when you feel insecure or wants go out free of worry about your safety.”

When we got this idea

Since 2008 we brainstormed this concept. After witnessing terrorist attack, a family being hostage in Miami, assaults everywhere, brawls. But being the first responder to protect a woman escaping her house while being handcuffed while her husband and kids was kept with guns, Julien Crozet stopped and put the lady in our car and called Miami Police department which arrived on the scene and free the rest of the family. Then in 2014 personally got robbed in private beach while dozens of bodyguards were supposed to keep an eye on belongings. But the most dramatic was to be the witness of dead kids and adults killed in the terrorist attack in Nice was the wake up call to built the app.

We will provide and sell products and services for you to not be in situation where your family is at risk. You and your family first.

Our mission : never feel insecure again.

Best regards,

Julien Crozet
CEO, 1EyeOnU Technology