Never Hire unlicensed guards

French Riviera July 23rd 2021

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AVOID at all costs “bouncers”

Great, one of your friend gave you a number of a friend which knows a guy which looks like a beast for 25 Euros per hour to play the bouncer in your bar on friday and saturday nights ! Wrong, totally wrong the worst thing you could do to hurt your business and your mental health is to hire a “bouncer” to keep an eye on your business and your clientele. Nice at prime sight, the situation can, and most of the time turn extremely uncomfortable when problem arise. Working with those people put you on the edge to be trapped like a sheep by wolfs. How many stories where bars, pubs, restaurants, night clubs hire a big guy without checking criminal records, and most of it psychiatric records ?

If you need a big guy to secure your business first of all you will not be able to avoid interactions about planning, management and most important payment. Because you can’t hide this guy from all of your staffs. Be sure he will start make a mess. Pay him in advance and the guy will start to be sick but in fact he will work for somebody else. Pay him on time he will not be happy because he has problem and he needs get paid more. Pay 24 minutes lates and it is Armageddon. You have no ideas how many times managers, clients, business owners regret dealing with this type of people and get stuck with a team or individuals bouncers creating more problems that they can even solve. Thats why the security industry suffer so much the bad reputation.

LEON is your main partner to hire professional bouncer

At LEON, we had experienced the same no worries, believing some bodyguards which quickly turned agressive ( yes it is a pattern from this people, it doesn’t take long to see their real face ). Pay them om time and they will start be late at work, pay them in advance and they will be very reluctant to fight for their work. Thats why we invested a lot of money and ressources to revolutionise the security industry after we spotted this dark problem. Our personal and professional experience brought us to the point where it’s easy to identify the problem with “security guards”. EGO, yes EGO is the main problem dealing with human ressources and you have no idea how EGO can turn dramatic dealing with EGO and big muscles.

First secure your mental health with LEON L’application as we offer you a simple and modern way to book a big guy without EGO. Just provide us number of agents you need and time and days you need them, thats all. You don’t need anymore to stress when its payday, you dont like the agent dont need to tell him just tell us and we send a new one no question asked. Believe us there is a reason why platform get so successful human resources is the main factor for making you abandon your business.

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