Are you a client of security service?

Tired to deal with same security agents and same security companies ? 1EyeOnU gives you the opportunity to select and choose the profile of your choice. Adjust security agents, modify hours? You don’t need long term contract working with us. Book with 1EyeOnU and choose from 1 to several hours per days or per week. Start and end a mission in 2 clicks like a Uber ride. 1EyeOnU bodyguard app is a revolutionary app in the private security industry.

For the same price as a taxi or limousine service ride with a bodyguard driver and luxury sedans or minivans. We provide luxury ground transportation in Paris Charles de Gaulle and Orly Airport, Nice Airport and Miami Airport. But also since June 2019 in Russia Saint Petersburg and Moscow.
Close protection agents to feel secure during an event or wedding or while traveling in Europe or America and Russia just book in couple of click.
Kids are going to club tonight and you worry about how the night will go on ? Book a security agent to make sure your loves ones come back home safe without any kind of trouble.
You want to prevent some trouble in your business ? just get 1 or 2 security agent : relax order through the app, meet your security guards, clear your work zone and relax.
House party , wedding, event such as Cannes Film Festival 2020 or Cannes Lions 2020 , simply hire a bodyguard for couple of hours and don’t be afraid to get your valuable belongings stolen.